Types of Services

Swedish Massage

This is one of the basic and most general types of massage. When people think of a nice, relaxing massage, this is what they're talking about. This type of massage has more to do with long relaxing strokes that focus on muscle groups as a whole, and generally, the focus is on the full body. Looking for a tranquil massage where you can find peace and maybe even fall asleep? This service is perfect for you! Book an appointment at our massage therapy clinic today!

Benefits: Increases blood flow, relaxation which helps reduce stress over time, reduces some tissue restrictions in large muscle groups.


Relaxing Deep Tissue

This is our most popular service! Relaxing deep tissue massage uses the long, relaxing strokes of a Swedish massage, but with deeper pressure. When tissue restrictions or adhesions (also commonly referred to as "knots") are found, deeper pressure and trigger point techniques are used to manipulate and free the tissues. Generally, either full-body or specific areas like the neck, shoulder, and back are the focus of this popular therapeutic massage. Book now!

Benefits: Reduces tissue restrictions and adhesions, slightly increases range of motion, increases blood flow, and promotes relaxation.


Trigger Point/Neuromuscular Therapy

You won't be sleeping during this session! Some relaxing strokes will be used to warm up and soften muscle tissue, but the concentration here is to free adhesions built up over time. Do you have knots that feel like bones and would like them to release? This service is perfect for you. Trigger point therapy helps the muscle to release with continued focused pressure, while neuromuscular therapy requires passive and active stretching as well as resistance exercises. This service requires more focus and movement from the client, but will most quickly loosen those pesky "knots" and train the muscles to return to a healthy state. This session is generally not a full body session but instead focuses on specific muscle groups.

Benefits: Significantly helps reduce adhesions in both the surface and deeper layer muscles over time, increases range of motion, helps to maintain better posture, and increases blood flow.


Prenatal Massage

This service is encouraged for any stage of pregnancy. Most of the above services can be incorporated into a prenatal massage. Pregnant women past their first trimester will spend half of the session sitting in a reclined position propped up by pillows. For the remaining part of the session, a body pillow will be used and the client will be side-lying. Pregnancy massage pillows have been proven to be unsafe, so at no point will a pregnant woman be asked to lie on her stomach. Book now!

All soon-to-be mothers seeking prenatal massage, and especially those considered at high risk, should consult their physician with any questions or concerns regarding massage.