Reviews from our loyal customers

- Hanna B.

"Kimberly is amazing at what she does and has a great healing touch.

Even after visiting my chiropractor, I suffered from a sore neck for weeks. However, after a 60 minute massage with Kimberly, I finally felt relief. She focused on all the right areas.

I'd highly recommend making Kimberly your go-to!"

- Ean M.

"Not sure if this review counts since I haven't had a massage yet, but from what I have read of the place from the numerous 5 star reviews and what I have read on the website about various services, philosophy on regular therapeutic massage, treatment and retention of their therapists, extremely reasonable prices and incentive for more frequent massage by reducing pricing, I can't help but feel excited and hopeful for a great first experience tomorrow with Naz and finally to find a place that makes going once a month affordable. I'll update my review after my massage tomorrow afternoon :-) ***ADDENDUM: I was right, this business is superb! I have been going every 4 weeks and am trying to fit it in my budget to go more often. Naz is an excellent massage therapist, friendly, calm, shows interest in what is going on with me but also very receptive and respectful when I don't feel like talking. She is also really good at getting into the deep tissue and getting those knots out!"

- Nicole R.

"First massage ever and it was great. I had some localized pain in my neck and shoulders from stress and a possible muscle pull and I now have full range of motion back!"

- Joann C.

"My husband and I just had our massage. It was fantastic. So relaxing. Need to get massages more often. Will definitely have my massage here when I'm back in Colorado. Thank you again"

- Corrie B.

"Naz has worked on my upper back and neck twice now. She is amazing at what she does. The evening after I went to her, I slept the whole night through without even moving once. I haven't slept like that in years. She has really helped the pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back so much. She is caring and understanding and will personalize your massage to what you need. Thanks, Naz!!"

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