Kimberly B, LMT


Kimberly Barthel, LMT

When did you join the Height of Health Team?

I joined Height of Health Massage in March of 2016. I worked in the spa environment before joining Height of Health. Although that was a wonderful learning experience for me, I was excited to work for a company that offered medical massage and accepts insurance.

What inspired you to become a massage therapist?

I always knew that I wanted to work in an environment that was focused on health and wellness. I became interested in massage therapy while working at a health club. After looking into massage as well as receiving several, I knew that massage would be a good fit for me. It has turned out to be one of my best decisions I’ve made for myself.

Where did you attend massage school?

I attended A New Beginning School of Massage in Austin Texas in 2014. I had wonderful teachers and a solid foundation in technique as well as classroom time that made me feel confident in pursuing a job as a massage therapist.

What has made you become a better massage therapist?

In this case, think of any injuries or life experiences that made you more body aware or shifted your perception of your job. I feel as though my first year out of school and working full time is really where I gained some great experience. Learning how to listen to the client’s needs, weather its pressure levels, specific areas, or if they wanted to talk or be silent. For me there is no better way to learn then hands on experience. By doing so and being able to listen to people, I feel that has made me a better therapist.


When I’m not being a typical Coloradoan and playing outside, I love practicing yoga and barre. They have been wonderful additions to my lifestyle, and I’m excited to see where my practice takes me.

What are three values that you hold across different dimensions of your life?

I really value compassion. I feel like with this day and age and with getting older it is so easy to become critical and hardened. Having compassion for others is something I hold very close. Because of this not only does it help me in my daily life but also in my job. I feel you must be compassionate to be a good massage therapist.

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