Reviews from our loyal customers

Reviews are a great way to plan your visit, and know what to expect. Many of our returning and new customers have left reviews about their experiences at our Fort Collins massage therapy center, and we appreciate it! So far, we have the following ratings:

  • Google:    15/15,  5 star reviews
  • Facebook:     20/20,  5 star reviews
  • Groupon (from previous specials):  29/30,  5 star reviews


Here is what our customers are saying:

"First massage ever and it was great. I had some localized pain in my neck and shoulders from stress and a possible muscle pull and I now have full range of motion back!"  -Nicole R

"My husband and I just had our massage. It was fantastic. So relaxing. Need to get massages more often. Will definitely have my massage here when I'm back in Colorado. Thank you again"  -Joann C

"Rachel is hands down the best masseuse I have ever had! She tailors each massage to your needs and can work out any knots or chronic pain issues you bring to her. I have never felt better since coming to see her regularly! She is well educated and knowledgeable across many facets of health, which she readily brings into her practice. She has many different modalities to use and makes other recommendations for you to acheive optimal wellness. It is obvious how much she loves her job and that care & dedication is evident in every massage!"  -Gina R

"Naz has worked on my upper back and neck twice now. She is amazing at what she does. The evening after I went to her, I slept the whole night through without even moving once. I haven't slept like that in years. She has really helped the pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back so much. She is caring and understanding and will personalize your massage to what you need. Thanks, Naz!!"  -Corrie B


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